Update 6.30 messes up routes

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Re: Update 6.30 messes up routes

Post by Mikul »

Thank you very much @Rofor for your answer, so I'll stay at 6.20. I did 4000km with the XT this summer, I had to turn off the traffic information a few times, especially in Romania and Bulgaria, where it was the worst with information about closures. Zumo He surprised me with his actions a few times, even though I have garmines for 11 years
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Re: Update 6.30 messes up routes

Post by mzeist »

Mikul wrote: 05 Oct 2021 17:45 I am asking because I can still go back to version 2.90
Can describe the procedure to go back to 2.90?
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Re: Update 6.30 messes up routes

Post by jfheath »

It requires a file called B348400.update which is supposed to be stored on your computer.

My copy was called B348400.update.signed - I renamed it but the update procedure didn't work.

If anyone has a copy of the B348400.update file on their PC, let me know and I'll try the process again !

It is likely to be located in

C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Downloads\PrimaryFirmware\PrimaryFirmware_PrimaryFirmware.006-B3484-00.2.90\gsup\006-B3484-00\2.90\full\rel\( long number )\B348400.update

@mzeist - pm me an email address. I've got a page in my document that I put together that you can have. I'm not going to post it here yet, becasue I haven't been able to verify that it works. I can verify that my XT didn't blow up. But it didn't go back to 2.90 either.

We can compare this with whatever @Mikul has.
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Re: Update 6.30 messes up routes

Post by Mikul »

@mzeist In my case the rollback procedure is relatively simple as my previous version is 2.90 and you can roll back to the previous version directly from the XT menu. Being an IT specialist and knowing (for 11 years) that Garmin rather corrupts subsequent versions of the software, I withheld one of the updates and immediately switched to 6.20 (for a trial), hence my previous version is 2.90

Of course, I have a copy of the 2.90 software in my files "just in case". For Garmin devices I always keep the previous versions for my Fenix, Foreeunner, Edge or Oregon or BMW Navigator :)

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