Zumo XT and Basecamp - Everything That You Need to Know

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Zumo XT and Basecamp - Everything That You Need to Know

Post by jfheath »

A series of detailed, illustrated notes that I have put together from my use of the XT.
Links to the various sections are given below, and you can navigate between the pages within a section.
Clicking on 'Contents' brings you back to this page.

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Contents - Section by Section

0 - Contents Page - A full hyperlinked contents page.

1 - Introduction - The Essentials - Routes, Trips, Routing Points, Ways to navigate

2 - Using Basecamp - Interface, Trip Design, Via & Shaping, Avoiding Issues.

3 - Transfer & Import Trips - Using the USB connection, Transfer, Ghost Points, XT File Structure, SD Card, Removing Data

4 - Navigate a Trip - Select Next Destination, Closest Entry, Follow a Route, Skip, Ignore directions

5 - BC Profiles and the XT - How a Trip affects XT behaviour, Vehicle Modes, Calculation Modes, Zumo Cradles

6 - Navigation Methods - 6 ways to Navigate explained, Trips, Routes & Tracks

7 - Garmin Explore - Set-Up, Disconnect, Collections, Routes & Tracks, Basecamp and Explore, Icons

8 - Off-Road Routes - Routes & Tracks without navigable maps.

9 - Loose Change - Categories, MyRouteApp, Email routes to XT, BC Databases, Put routes in date order

10 - Hidden Menus - System Diagnostics, System Boot

11 - Zumo XT Menu Map - 5 Diagrams showing the full menu structure

You may notice that some page numbers are skipped occasionally. That's OK. They are blank, left in place for future topics.

The information on these pages has been acquired from personal experience of using and testing the behaviour of Basecamp and my Zumo XT. I have no links with Garmin, and these pages should not be regarded as instructions. They are presented for interest only. The contents of these pages must not be shared, copied, transmitted, redistributed or re-published in any form without my permission. (C) JHeath 2021. Polite requests from established members for a personalised pdf copy of these notes are usually met with a positive response. Send me a PM with your name, ZumoUserForums name and an email address.
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Re: Zumo XT and Basecamp - Everything That You Need to Know

Post by Stu »

Massive thanks to @jfheath for putting all this together.

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