XT Firmware Update Log

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XT Firmware Update Log

Post by jfheath »

There doesn't seem to be an official log

I have a few screenshots taken from Express before updating my own XT but I didn't take one very time.

The versions that I think that I remember are:
2.30, 2.50, 2.60, 2.70*, 2.80*, 2.90*, 5.90*, 6.10, 6.20*

I have screen shots from the versions that are asterisked. The dates in the file names will be the dates that I took the screenshot before updating my XT. The date of release would be prior to that date.

Can anyone else fill in the blanks ? I know that after installing v2.90 the Closest Entry Point feature worked well, but it was not shown as a fix on the screen shown by Express. I thought i had a screen shot of this, but cannot find it now.

It might be useful to have the changes that we know about.

Revision 270 - 13 May 2020.jpg

Revision 280 - 9 July 2020.jpg

Revision 290 - 5 Aug 2020 From post by vespamarc.jpg

Revision 590 - 10 March 2021.jpg

Revision 620 - 12 May 2021.jpg

Revision 630 - 24 September 2021.jpg
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