Shaping points converting to way points

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Shaping points converting to way points

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I planned 12 days worth of routes on Basecamp. I meticulously made sure all routing points were changed to shaping points (won't announce) in Basecamp before sending the routes to the 595. The unit imported the routes and recalculated but in doing so has randomly changed some of the shaping points back to way points that the unit insisted I passed before allowing me to continue. Why does it do this and can I avoid it happening in future?
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Re: Shaping points converting to way points

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A useful thing I have always done is to change my route to a custom one in Base Camp prior to transfer. Double click route name, box opens. Click tab Route Options, tick Customize Route Options. Select your preferences.

You can also do this with routes after transfer with the device connected to your computer.

Shaping points convert to VIA points, not waypoints.
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