Base amp with 595lm and 550

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Base amp with 595lm and 550

Post by Drjfjr »

Any one use base amp with two different map sets set for different devices?
I have been using 550 with 2012 maps. I just purchased a 595lm and it has updated to latest maps.
I am waiting to connect to base amp in order to not mess up 550 ability.
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Re: Base amp with 595lm and 550

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Hmmmm, interesting question. I've not heard of anyone doing it but on the surface I would think that updating Base Camp to the latest for the 595 and then selecting in the toolbar which version to use might work. We're a bit lucky in that both my wife and I own laptops so I think I'd do different computers at first and see if different versions would work on one.
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Re: Base amp with 595lm and 550

Post by jfheath »

No - in direct answer to the question - But i have different versions of maps on my Basecamp installation to match the ones I am using on my 590. My 590 has the latest mapping and also the Uk area of open street maps. I also retain an older version of the maps on Basecamp. I just select the one that I want to use.

The reason for this was to test out what the 590 does when it receives a route from Basecamp which does not use tha same map that is on the Zumo. (The 590 and 595 behave in the same way in many respects, including in this situation).

The answer is that the Zumo recalculates the entire route when it is imported into the Zumo if the same map is not used. It can take it a long time to do this. This may mean that your route between the plotted routing points is now different from the one shown on Basecamp. Normally, the route is not recalculated when it is imported.

So you can have many map versions on Basecamp and select the one that you wish to use to match the map in the Zumo.
If transferring the same route to 2 different devices, the process for transferring to the second device would be:
  • In basecamp, select the map for the 2nd Zumo from the drop down map list
  • Select the route, and double click it so that the route dialogue box pops up
  • Click the Recalculate button
  • Then transfer it to the 2nd Zumo

you have a 550. Basecamp has developed over the years and now contains features which were not available when the 550 and 660 were the most up to date devices available. Routes transfer correctly, but may suffer issues when navigating, according to Garmin. They recommend using Mapsource for these older satnavs.

Mapsource will find the same maps that you have installed for Basecamp. No need to reinstall them.

I can't help you with The Garmin statement about how and when the 550 fails sometimes with routes from Basecamp. I just know that they have said that it may. I 'll see if I can find a link to it.

Here it is. Scroll to the bottom. ... wZpVKmw7t9
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