OpenStreetMaps - How to Install

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OpenStreetMaps - How to Install

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Open Street Maps are navigable map data files that can be downloaded for any part of the world - either in pre-defined format, or by selecting the specific areas that you wish to use.

They are available for PC and for Mac as well as other platforms and can be installed easily for use with Basecamp and Mapsource as well as placed onto the Garmin Satnavs.

So this is a document showing how to do this, with some explanation, illustrations / screen shots and relevant hyperlinks (in red) in the text of the article. My examples in the article are from downloading the pre-prepared files for the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Island) on a PC running Windows 10.

I have added small notes on how to select your own areas.

This isn't new information - many people have found out how to do this, but it took me a long while to cut through the wealth of information and resources in order to locate a simple, straight forward method. I hope that it helps.

Installing OSM Maps.pdf
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Re: OpenStreetMaps - How to Install

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Excellent!! Thanks!!

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