Replacement LCD for 396?

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Replacement LCD for 396?

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Does anyone have a source for a replacement 396 LCD screen? I reached out to PalmDR and they do not have one available.
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Re: Replacement LCD for 396?

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Contact Garmin. If the unit is out of warranty (2 years), for a fixed price they will often replace your unit with a refurbished one - assuming that they have any in stock. You send them a cheque with your unit and if the charge is not applied, they send the cheque back with the new unit. The last time I used this was with my old 550. They had no 550s in stock so they sent me a brand new boxed 660LM.

Its an excellent service, and very rapid. If you like to keep your gpx track logs of where you have been, remember to copy the tracklog and the contents of the Archive folder from the GPX folder. Current.gpx will contain you current routes and favourites / saved locations.

I don't know what the fixed price is now. I think it was £150 the last time I looked, but that may depend on the particular model. Whatever the price is, your unit will be a different, fully reconditioned one that look brand new. In the Uk we can send next day delivery. it takes 3-4 days from sending it for your replacement to arrive.
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