Tracked route lost

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Tracked route lost

Post by cjk610 »

I had the 'track' function enabled to record my route over a week or so, when I came to save it the device crashed and the route seems to be lost. Is there any way to retrieve it?
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Re: Tracked route lost

Post by jfheath »

You could access the CurrentTrackLog.gpx file in Internal Storage/Gpx

Assuming that you didn't turn this option off when you first set up the XT.

It is possible that the track log is stored temporarily elsewhere before being saved, but I suspect that would have been tidied away when the XT is rebooted. @FrankB may have come across it - he delves into the parts of the system where many fear to tread

If it is not in there, it may have been shifted to the Archive Folder.

There are also copies in the .System / Gpx folder called (eg) DriveLog.gpx, Drive1,gpx. I do not know if theses are recorded regardless of the the option to record where you have been

The track logs will contain a lot if tracks and your ride will probably be spread over a few segments.

You can use the tools in Basecamp to copy the relevant segments and join them together, snip out unwanted bits.

Once you have the tracks for the day you want, highlight them all, right click and select the option to join them together. It uses the track date and time to link them in the correct order.
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Re: Tracked route lost

Post by FrankB »

jfheath wrote: 12 Sep 2023 05:20 @FrankB may have come across it - he delves into the parts of the system where many fear to tread
I take that as a compliment @jfheath
In this particular case I did not delve, so no more info on the System part.

Dont know about the XT2, but when the XT is connected to Garmin Explore it syncs the tracks to Explore. (Albeit without Date & Time) You could have a look there.