Creating Routes from Tracks problem??

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Creating Routes from Tracks problem??

Post by Exrm193 »

BC keeps crashing when I want to create a route from a track.
I'm running the latest version on a Mac & MacBook.

Any ideas??
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Re: Creating Routes from Tracks problem??

Post by danham »

Odd crashes are often caused by corrupt data, either the track, the whole BC database, or its preferences.

I'd start with the easy one. What created the track (shared tracks from online are sometimes corrupt or incompatible)? Does it crash for just one track, or have you tried several (your post sort of implies the latter, so next step...)?

Create a new user on your Mac and download a fresh copy of BC, making sure it lives as a clean install in that user's Applications folder, not the system one that allows all users to access it. Try your track(s) again. If they convert without crashing, I'd look online for detailed instructions on how to delete BC preferences and try that with your original copy in your user account.

Last resort, if it's still crashing, is to try to recover what you can from the database and use trial and error to see if you can banish the corrupt data. This is not a trivial task, so here's hoping it's not the culprit.

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Re: Creating Routes from Tracks problem??

Post by jfheath »

Is this converting a track to a trip that you are talking about ?

Or are you describing something else.

regarding finding the problem, the quickest way is to perform a 'binary search'. Nowt to do with noughts and ones, but splitting the problem into two.

Split the track into two in BC. Name them.
Send both to the Zumo. See which one works and which doesn't

Choose the one that doesn't work. split it into two. transfer and see which half works.

And so on. In just two tests you have got a problem that is a quarter of the original.

This process a lot easier if you email the track sections to you phone if it is running the Drive App. You dont have to keep plugging in and waiting.

If both halves have a fault, continue with just one of them. When the halves get small enough, you may be able to see what the issue is.

When you find it, Bc can be used to rejoin sections. Or go back to the original and recreate it.
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