New from the Netherlands

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New from the Netherlands

Post by sphyrnidus »

Hello I recently changed from the BMW Navigator to the XT. I've been using motorcycle navigation units from Garmin for over 15 years. We are travellers and are planning a trip to the Americas, but first we want to rent bikes in India and ride there for a while. India maps are not supplied by Garmin, at least not here in Europe.

So I tried downloading OSM maps from several sources, installed them on (two different) SD cards of 32GB in the Garmin map, but the Zumo does not see them. The files are called: gmapsupp.img
Where does it go wrong? Please advise

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Re: New from the Netherlands

Post by jfheath »

Welcome to the forums.

That sounds like a very big adventure !

The Memory card must be formatted as FAT32 - which means that the maximum file size that can be stored on it is 4Gb.

There must be a folder called Map on the root of the SD card - not in a Garmin subfolder. The name Map is case sensitive.
Copy the file gmapsupp.img to the Map folder on the SD card.

You then need to restart the XT, and go to Settings->Map & Vehicle->MyMaps and tick the entry for OSM maps.

And then - most important. Untick any other navigable maps that cover the same area.
The Topo maps, the Foursquare, Parkopedia and DEM entries are all OK.
on my europe XT I have to untick CN Europe NTU All North, and CN Europe NTU All South.

If you don't untick the other navigable maps, your XT will do all osrts of weird things - one of which will be to suddenly naviagte you in a straight line across a field.


You may also want to unhide the system files on your XT. Not necessary, but you will be wondering where the internal maps are saved.

To do this - access the hidden system diagnostic page by tapping View Map -> Tap the speed display -> press and hold the circular speedo display in the top centre - for 10 seconds until the display changes to the System Diagnostic page.

THen select Configuration & Settings -> MTP Settings -> Show .System - tick the box.

This will enable the .system folder to be seen when the XT is attached to your computer, and in there are a lot of system files - including the map folder where the inbuild maps are saved.
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Re: New from the Netherlands

Post by sphyrnidus »

It took me a while to find the time to do this. However: thank you so much for your advice. It works great on the Zumo XT. Now I need to find out why I can't see the map on my (wife's) Montana 700i, doing the exact same thing. Any ideas?

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