Charging xt first time

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Charging xt first time

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Hi, I’m not sure if I should see something on the screen when charging for the first time. I bought a 1 amp plug and plugged it into a wall socket, but the screen is black, is this normal? Thanks
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Re: Charging xt first time

Post by jfheath »

Normally, when I plug the charger into the XT, the unit switches itself on and the screen lights up.

But with a new unit, it is possible that the battery is dead. Mine came with some charge in it so it worked out of the box. Some battery devices need a minimum charge to be able to power up, even if they are plugged into the charger. This may take some time. My XT has never been fully discharged, so I don't know - but my Ipad will take too many minutes before I can use it.

Leave it on charge for a couple of hours and see what that does. Then charge it overnight.

Where are you ? My UK version came with an adapter for the car. If your has that, you could try that.

Have you pressed the power button at the back of the device. It only needs a single press, but the screen doesn't respond immediately. It is a few seconds before anything pops up. If it doesn't, try again.

Did you buy the charger and cable separately ? Cables can be wired for synchronising and /or for charging. So in theory there are 4 different varieties of cable. Charge only, Synch only, charge & synch ... broken. DO you have another device that charges with the same connector ? Try that.
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Re: Charging xt first time

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I flattened my XT's battery by mistake, it showed the charging symbol on a blank screen IIRC and wouldn't switch on till it had a fair bit of charge. A one amp charger might not have enough power to get the initial charge in, I'd try a more powerful output.

I like this sort of charger as it shows what the charger is giving out / the unit is accepting charge wise. Has identified a bad cable (for something other than the XT) which was causing a bit of head scratching: ... SwYbJh2-lK
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Re: Charging xt first time

Post by Vespamarc »

You need a 2A charger (minimum), when plugged in, xt starts up, then you push on/off button short, and you get a black screen wit the load message.
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Re: Charging xt first time

Post by V650 »

Initially I tried some usb chargers but none had enough umph to get it going even after a couple of hours
as the battery was flat so I connected the mount to a car battery I had lying about and it powered up straight away and charged up

If you have the car charger which also came with mine I would try that and it should charge
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Re: Charging xt first time

Post by Richard_R »

jfheath wrote: 24 Jan 2022 08:25 But with a new unit, it is possible that the battery is dead.
That would be extremely concerning and I suggest to anybody who gets a device with a Lithium battery (as in the XT or a phone for example) if the device has a DOA battery then immediately return it to the reseller.
Lithium batteries generally self discharge at up to 5% per month and they are charged when they leave the factory so doing the maths any device with a flat battery may have been sitting on a shelf for 20+ months or had been used and not recharged or the battery is faulty.
Lithium batteries do not like to be fully discharged so a device that has been sitting with a flat battery for an extended period will potentially have battery related issues later in its life.
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Re: Charging xt first time

Post by PhillH »

" they are charged when they leave the factory "

According to the Garmin site they cannot be shipped charged if transported on a plane.