396 can’t find SD card

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Re: 396 can’t find SD card

Post by jfheath »

That's good news.

So the card that was in was formatted exFAT , not FAT32?
I wonder why they chose a 32Gb - perhaps they are not confident in their declaration that it now supports 256Gb ??

Are you saying that they can see and modify the contents of your XT when it is plugged in to Explore ?? I suspected, but didn't know.

Anyway - it is all fixed. Good to get a positive result from Tech Support.

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Re: 396 can’t find SD card

Post by CollingsBob »

The 32gb was chosen by me as being the smallest in a case of 128 & 256 gig cards. No, they didnt “see” the contents of my 396, what they saw was a list of the maps that I had purchased, and they deleted the permission for me to download the oldest one from their server - it is no longer available to me to download.
Yes..a very positive outcome.
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