CN EU 2022.20 NTU

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Re: CN EU 2022.20 NTU

Post by jfheath »

Don't know.

@CollingsBob has recently had a conversation with Garmin. He was having problems with some Canadian maps in internal storage and European maps on SD card. His thread is here: viewtopic.php?t=1529

He says that 'they' - I assume that he did it with their direction - removed old maps from the XT.

Maybe now I have mentioned him, He'll get an alert and chip in with the location of the files that he deleted.

Personally, I wouldn't delete anything from .System without a couple of backups.

In Basecamp, look at the maps in Internal Storage in the navigation pane on the left. Click each one in turn, it will tell you which img file belongs with that map. There may be img, unl, gma files - if they have the same filename before the point (.), then they belong together.

With a backup, you can always put them back again.

As always doing anything like this :
a) It is done at your own risk
b) restart the XT from cold afterwards. (Let it power up after the USB has been disconnected, then shut it down fully and let it restart again. I don't know why, but sometimes that double restart has been necessary for me.

Today, I discovered something really important. I found another way that doesn't work.
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Re: CN EU 2022.20 NTU

Post by sussamb »

No, just the map file. In .system it should be called gmapprom.img, elsewhere, eg in the Map folder, it should be named D******.img
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Re: CN EU 2022.20 NTU

Post by biz »

I'm having problems with this update. My Garmin only has 4GB storage, but up to this update, all previous map updates have installed happily. This one won't, reporting that it can't all be installed to the internal storage, but previous updates, I'm sure, stuck some of the data on the μSD card, on which there's plenty of room... Or am I imagining that?

Current update, according to Express, is 8.40GB, so obviously that can't all install on the internal storage, BUT - it can't have got that much bigger than the previous one.

So - have they changed something with this one (or with Express?) whereby it will no longer put some data, as appropriate, on the μSD card if the internal storage is too small?
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Re: CN EU 2022.20 NTU

Post by axamax »

Spoke to Garmin this afternoon. Following their advice I restored the settings. This didn't solve the issue. I then restored the settings and deleted data.
The second South map disappeared. I got my maps back. I also discovered that there were 2022.20 maps on the SD card!! I removed that SD card.
I had to redo all my settings etc. but all seems to be working again. Didn't have to reinstall maps or software again..

Have noticed since that the XT is seen by both PC and Garmin Express a quicker than before.
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Re: CN EU 2022.20 NTU

Post by CollingsBob »

I prefer to keep the North America maps in the internal storage, and all maps for other countries on the external (micro-sd card) storage. Maps that are update-able, which is to say those maps which have free lifetime updates are originally stored internally. Maps which are purchased after the fact…in my case maps for Europe, are not versions have to be paid for.
In my case there was a conflict between the old and new versions of the Europe map. Because all the Europe maps were stored on a micro-sd card, I formatted the card to remove the old version - that however left 2 versions available for download from Garmin.
Garmin removed my permission to download the old version from their server. This removed a conflict between the 2 maps.
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