New Zumo's that Start a route from 'Curent Position'

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New Zumo's that Start a route from 'Curent Position'

Post by Tracerrider17 »

Hi On my old Zumo 550 if I wanted to start a route form half way I could load the route and then it would ask me whether I wanted to start 'From Start of Route' or from 'Current Position' my new Zumo 346 does not have this facilaty does anyone know if any of the new Zumo's have this as an option or can I genetrate it in my 346? Thanks
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Re: New Zumo's that Start a route from 'Curent Position'

Post by sussamb »

Afraid not, your new device uses an App that Garmin call Trip Planner, which works in a different way to the older Route Planner. With Trip Planner you get to select which of the viapoints on your route you go to first, assuming you have more than just a start and a finish, and you are then guided along the route from that viapoint to the end.
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Re: New Zumo's that Start a route from 'Curent Position'

Post by jfheath »

In addition to @sussamb's comments

On the newer devices with the Trip Planner app, the route will have a start and an end. It may also have a combination of Via Points and Shaping points.

If your route has just shaping points, then it can behave in a similar way to the 550. Assuming you are on the route - if not, then ride to it first - Select your start point, ignore the instruction to go back to it and press Skip. Because you are on the route, it will then navigate you forward. Unlike the 550: if you are on the route it doesn't care if you have missed a few shaping points.

If you have via points as well, when you start the route it lists all of the via points - and you can select at which point you wish to join the route. If you are on the route, choose the one before your present location. and (as with the start, described above) press skip.

Note that with these two suggestions you Must be on the plotted route. The first instruction may try to take you back to a shaping point that is plotted before your current location - ie the wrong way - but as soon as you set off riding in the correct direction, it will continue navigating correctly.

The XT has another option. Closest Entry Point. This takes you to where the route passes closest to your current position, navigates you to that, and then continues on the route visiting all route points from that point forward. I believe that this feature also appears on another devices too, but i dont know which one.

CEP has one little glitch - sometimes - check the map - it does something really weird and takes you miles out of your way. Sometimes it says it cannot calculate a route. In every example I have come across - as well as the situations where I have forces the error, allowing U-turns solved the problem.

Today, I discovered something really important. I found another way that doesn't work.