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Favourites Import

Post by Pixie »

I am new here. Thanks for adding me. I was using Sygic on my Android Phones but finally switched to Garmin Zumo XT. I have several Favorites stored there that I would like import to my Zumo device. How can I do that?
Thanks, Pix
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Re: Favourites Import

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Welcome to the forums !

I don't know Sygic, but I can offer a suggestion.

If you can export the favourite locations as a gpx file, then the XT may recognise them if you place them in an SD card and then import them.

But. The Zumo recognises favourites as a very particular type of point. Garmin calls these Waypoints, or Saved Locations. Most other apps do not use the feature in exactly the same way. One way would be to export them to Basecamp - to check on how it treats your points.

Or you could use a text editor on the gpx file to change the gpx coding to be how Garmin wants it to be.
If you are able to post the gpx file for a couple of your favourites, I could describe how to do this.

Of course, if it is only a few points, it would be quicker to recreate them.

Personally, I wouldn't use 3rd party mapping software with the Zumo - but that is a completely different issue. The point is that you want your waypoints put into the XT.
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