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Not recognized

Post by drduct »

Hello, I have a problem, Basecamp, Garmin Express, computer MO LONGER recognizes my 66o, has my GPS just died ? Anyone else experience this, updated maps approx 3 weeks ago, no issues, now nothing recognizes it, I have downloaded Garmin express fresh, I have tried everything I know, what have I overlooked, all help appreciated
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Re: Not recognized

Post by alan sh »

Changed the cable? Tried a different USB port? Tried a different PC?

Do you have a friend with a 660? If so, can you try their device in your PC?
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Re: Not recognized

Post by jfheath »

Make sure that you have only one program trying to access your 660. Ie close down Basecamp if trying to use Express. and vice versa.

Also, if in Windows, CTRL ALT DEL to load task manager. Find any Basecamp or Express applications still running and terminate them. Also any other Garmin programs. They sometimes stay resident in the list of running programs, which can cause problems.

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