Workaround for no recalculate option

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Workaround for no recalculate option

Post by Scottnet »

I never use auto recalculate, else if you take a wrong turn, you could end up going in a complete different route than you had intended.

Much to my amazement there is no recalculate option ( as there was on the 660). I am trying to figure the quickest short cut to force the zumo to recalculate, what I have come up with is this

• Click the 3 dot menu
• Click edit route
• Click detour by distance
• Click avoid next .5 miles

Anyone have a better idea

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Re: Workaround for no recalculate option

Post by electro_handyman »

You could 'stop' and then 'restart' the route with the option of 'closest entry point' to begin it.
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Re: Workaround for no recalculate option

Post by jfheath »

Change the mode of transport for the route to car and then back to bike.

Change the routing preference from fastest to shortest (or vice versa) for the route, and then back again.

Press skip will recalculate all sections of the route - but of course, you lose the next point !

Change one of the avoidances that won't make much difference. Eg Avoid ferries. That will force a recalculation.

Whatever it recalculates, it will still visit all of your route points.

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