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adding waypoint

Post by krokodil »

So in google maps, if I am following a route, and suddenly decided to do a small detour and stop somewhere, say on a gas station, I can look it up and "Add as a stop" to my route. How can I do something similar in Zumo XT? I do not see an option of adding new waypoints while following the route and the "Edit route" screen only allows to skip not to add waypoints.
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Re: adding waypoint

Post by jfheath »

Load your route. Say go.
Then 'where to' to search or view map to locate a new point. Say Go.

with an existing route it gives you the options to start a new route, add aas next stop / via pount, add as last stop or add to active route.

The last options seems to add the point to the logical place in the existing route.
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