Foursquare and Parkopedia

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Foursquare and Parkopedia

Post by wingrider.steve »

Is it OK to delete Foursquare and Parkopedia from my XT?
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Re: Foursquare and Parkopedia

Post by sussamb »

Yep, although why you would I'm not sure.
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Re: Foursquare and Parkopedia

Post by spike747 »

I’d love to delete foursquare. How do you do that?
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Re: Foursquare and Parkopedia

Post by jfheath »

This may be well wide of the mark.

But there has been an issue with the introduction of the Zumo 595 which has been carried over to the XT. When route points (but not waypoints) are transferred to the Zumo from Basecamp, the names that the Zumo uses are not the names that were given in Basecamp. The Zumo seems to use the lattitude and longitude to obtain the name of a location from its own database. And it appears as though it uses that name instead of the name that was transferred.

I don't know where that name comes from. It has to be something that is stored on the Zumo itself. And it may be a coincidence that FourSquare is a database of points of interest, and that the issue seems to have arrived with the 595 which has FourSquare installed. It doesn't happen on the 590 and that doesn't have FourSquare - but that is hardly a cut and dried case - its just a suspicion that I haven't yet tried to test.

So I am curious to see what happens if anyone manages to get rid of FourSquare. I have it turned off, but that doesn't delete it. Does Zumo continue to change the name of route points, or does it then start to use the names of points that is was sent in the route.

Note my above comment - so far it has never changed the name of a Waypoint - that is a point obtained from the Basecamp database or one that has been created with the flag/waypoint tool. Its the non-waypoints that seem to change - alerting or not).

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Re: Foursquare and Parkopedia

Post by Rofor »

Don't know if it's helpful for you - but here in Europe Parkopedia and Foursquare are map-files and stay in the '.System/Map' folder in the internal memory of the Zumo XT. The name of the files are as follows:

CN Europa NTU 2022.10 Parkopedia d6559170a.img
CN Europa NTU 2022.10 Foursquare d4935220a.img

Be aware - these are the filenames for the european(!) version of the Zumo XT. but they might be a starting point to identify the us version of this files...
Bye, Robert :)
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