Route Preferences

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Route Preferences

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Hi All, My XT seems to have a bit of a motorway fixation and whilst I accept that that may be the fastest route, it's not always the nicest route. I know I can set a twistly route but sometimes that can take me way to far out of my way and away from the traditional 'A' roads conntecting the county towns of the UK.

Do the great unwashed know if there is a hiden option to set preferences for the type of road used anywhere?
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Re: Route Preferences

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You could try
Main Screen->Settings->Navigation->Avoidances->Motorways

The navigation settings are set separately for each different vehicle type. So make sure you set it for each type if you use it in different vehicles - and note that the XT defaults to using motorcycle settings if it doesn't recognise the vehicle specified in a loaded route.

Today, I discovered something really important. I found another way that doesn't work.