Image Store for Pages on the Zumo XT and Basecamp

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Image Store for Pages on the Zumo XT and Basecamp

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Nothing to see here.

If you have arrived here because a new post has been announced. It is just me adding more pictures for some pages.
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Re: Draft of Off-road investigation on XT

Post by Milu23771 »

Thank you very much Jfheath, for your research that you have shared with this precious Pdf. This is already the second time that you have helped me in solving my problems with navigating routes. Not knowing the English language well, I had your document translated online and, although in some places the translation is lost a little, it was very useful to me, especially for creating off-road tracks with Basecamp. Following your lines I created two off-piste routes around my house, I tried to navigate them with the GPS simulator, in Off Road mode, Straight Line navigation and Off recalculation. Everything worked wonders. My red arrow perfectly follows the purple track, through all the training points and Way Points. I didn't have the same success with Explore. "Where do you go?" -Explore- Paths- Path created. In this case the simulator does not work and I now do not have the opportunity to go out and try with the bike, but in two cases the navigator has returned me a different route from the original. I probably left out some settings, or made some mess. I'm going to do more rehearsals. In the meantime, thank you again. Hello

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