Trouble free routing for Zumo (with Trip Planner)

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Trouble free routing for Zumo (with Trip Planner)

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The link points to a series of short videos describing a method for creating a route that will not let you down.

I am preparing a route specifically for the Zumo XT, but nearly all of it applies to the 590 and 595 as well.

You don't have to do all of this every time. I don't. But long multi-day tours where I am heading to places that I do not know particularly well - yes I do. I've sought out most of the problems that the Zumos can throw up on a route, and these techniques have yet to fail me.

For example - had you noticed that the names you assign to points in Basecamp do not always transfer to the Zumo ?
For example - di you know that if you changed a Via Point to a shaping point on the 595 and XT, the point gets renamed and relocated ?

Link: ... YF4zu8IA77
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