Distribute routes on multible zumo gps's

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Distribute routes on multible zumo gps's

Post by haug37 »


Anyone that can help with this.

We are 15 bikes going on a one week trip.

We will recive pre plan routes for the entire week

Is their a smart easy way to put all these routes, on 15 different Garmin zumo gps's ?😅

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Re: Distribute routes on multible zumo gps's

Post by electro_handyman »

Based on what you have provided, it's to hard to say. Too many variables.

Are you being given a "route" or a "track log".
What format are the routes being provided in.
What map was the routes based upon.
Do all 15 riders have the exact same map.

Others will chime in as well I'm sure. These are just my 1st thoughts and questions.
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Re: Distribute routes on multible zumo gps's

Post by Peobody »

If one person has all of the GPS's, and if they have the sharing capability, then I think the easiest way is to put the route on one and then share it to each of the others. If each rider has his own GPS then someone needs to get the route file to each rider for them to load onto their device. My small group distributes them by email.

The likelihood of every GPS ending up with identical routes is slim due to the numerous factors that can cause a GPS to calculate the route during import but that is a different conversation.
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Re: Distribute routes on multible zumo gps's

Post by jfheath »

You have to assume that out of 15 riders, there will be 15 different combinations of satnav, routing preferences, maps.

In addition you have to take into account that while some are using Via and Shaping points in their routes, others will still be using trusty older equipment that knows no difference between Vias and Shaping.

For most, the route will need to be recalcluated by the stanav itself - so there is no point in providing one of Garmin's pre-calculated routes.
Instead - provide a gpx file that contains just the route points in the gpx (A direct route) and your original route converted to a track. Each individual zumo will then have to calculate the route. You might need to tell them how to do that.

Your route points need to be carefully chosen. Some like to put their route points at a junction or just after a junction. Not all Zumos will treat this in the same way. The XT for example will visit the route point and is then likely to go back to the main road that it has just left.
A better way to make sure that the road is travelled is to put two route points eg at 1/3 and 2/3 distance along the road (approx). Make it so that turning back is never quicker than continuing to the next route point. If there are many alternative routes around then more route points are needed.

Although it goes against the grain with me, if I am sharing a route with lots of other riders, I will use far more shaping points than is strictly necessary. It keeps the route on the correct roads. There is no danger of wanting to take a different road - everyone will be riding the identical route.

If using Via and Shaping points, make the majority of the points shaping points. Use Via Points to mark the coffee stops. In many situations it is better to place the point on the road leading away from the stopping place. On the 590 and later zumos - this can then be chosen if the route needs to be restarted when enthusiastic riders showing off their new Zumo manages to stop the route during the coffee break.

Create those stopping place Via Points as Waypoints (using the Basecamp flag tool). Some later Zumos will rename the route point. If they are created as a saved waypoint first (flag tool) then they are stored in Favourites / Saved on the Zumo and the 595 and XT Zumos cannot then alter the name - making it easy to recognise 'Next Destination' when starting the route.

Similarly, put the start point just up the road from where you are all gathering. Otherwise there will be 7 of the riders who have positioned themselves ahead of the start point, and the Zumo will be forever asking them to go back to it.

Prepare instructions on how to get the Zumo to display a track and a route at the same time. Or how to use th track for navigation instead of the route.

But whatever you do, out of a group of 15 riders, there will be maybe less than half that have spent time learning how to follow a route and what to do if something goes wrong. It might be a good idea to ask who the riders are that are confident users. So that the ones less confident can keep them in sight. Most group rides use the drop off system to mark a junction. If you set off behind a particular rider then you will always be behind that rider - so if riders get to know the rear of the bike of the confident users...... (Unless the group spends time overtaking each other).

You cannot let riders unfamiliarity with the Zumo get in the way of the riding. So if they do not know, they will have to manage without. But all Zumos that I know of can display a track and keep the map updated with the bike at the bottom centre. The track remains static.

If they get lost, they can select the next stopping place from the list of Saved/ Favourites and let the Zumo take them to there and regroup.

Generally speaking the Zumo shouldn't be the thing that keeps everyone together. The drop off system should do that, so it is important that everyone knows how that works. Everyone marks the junction when requested by the leader - and waits until the back marker comes by before setting off. The only dnager in a line of riders is if another motorcyclist overtakes half of the group, and then turns off in a different direction. The back half of the group do not realise and follow the rogue motorcyclist !!

As for how to give it to them - Just send a single gpx file with everything in it as an attachement to an email. Its up to them then.

Today, I discovered something really important. I found another way that doesn't work.
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Re: Distribute routes on multible zumo gps's

Post by colirv »

As per John's detailed explanation. My shorter version - create route on Basecamp, export as gpx and run it through Tyre or MRA in case an extra shaping point or two is needed, then create track, export route and track to a gpx to be emailed to everyone.
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Re: Distribute routes on multible zumo gps's

Post by rbentnail »

haug37 wrote: 01 Apr 2024 09:50 Hello

Anyone that can help with this? We are 15 bikes going on a one week trip. We will receive pre-planned routes for the entire week.

Is their a smart easy way to put all these routes, on 15 different Garmin zumo gps's ?😅

Something as simple as a picture with turn directions (think Google maps) and a Drop Box link for everyone to download the file, import into [enter your choice app here] and do what we do to get it onto the zumo accurately. I'm assuming of course that if someone has the equipment then he/she has some basic knowledge of how to do this. The logistics may well prevent success of endeavor, as john has so verbosely described. Different equipment, different maps, the number of people, etc. are all working against you.

My opinion is simply "Why?" I would consider splitting into 2 groups, 3 would be better. Each with one leader, familiar with the zumo workings. 15 is a lot to manage, 5 is much easier. Also consider that multiple groups can tailor to rider styles, even just faster riders together and slower in their own group. We all know those one or two who always seem to lag behind all the time.
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