Zumo 660 Japan change to NZ

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Zumo 660 Japan change to NZ

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Total newbie here and apologies if this has been asked before. I have a Zumo 660 Japan which came with a bike i bought. Have managed to load open source NZ maps, but when I go to search an address, there is japanese writing and i need to pick one of 6 japanese options, and then a japanese prefecture.

Is there any way i can delete this/change this to NZ addresses?

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Re: Zumo 660 Japan change to NZ

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There will be a way to change it.

The first step will be to change the language and keyboard settings.

I had to check this in the manual - here is an extract from P33.
660 Language.jpg
and you can change the voice, the text language and the keyboard layout.

But depending how much you can understand from the displayed text, you may need someone to tell you which item in the list is the one that you want. I no longer have a 660 so I cannot help after that.

(There will also be an option to change text direction back to 'left to right' - but get it so that you can read whats on the screen first).
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