Zumo XT Glitches

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Re: Zumo XT Glitches

Post by FrankB »

I have checked your latest uploaded route. I must admit I can't get it to produce wrong results. So far so good.
But I start to wonder where this is leading to. You inital question was: "I wonder if anyone has observed or can explain the following glitches .." So I gave you an example of a route where it went wrong. This route still produces wrong results with V2.90 if I use 'Shaping Points', using 'Via Points' it works fine. Even more if I create a trip from a track it works perfect. (This is what I called 'the mr GPS method'. Something you have never commented on)

Until anyone can produce a new point of view on this matter my conclusion will be: Using 'Closest entry point' when starting a route, can produce unexpected results, If only 'Shaping Points' are used.
I think I would like to close the issue. Thanks for all the trouble you went thru. It certainly helped me understand things a lot better.
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Re: Zumo XT Glitches

Post by jfheath »

Thanks for giving that a try @FrankB. Reassuring to note that you were unable to get it to go wrong.

I didn't comment on your point because at present, as I had said, I am unable to. As soon as I get my study and PC back I will be working through your comments to try to reproduce your observations. At present I just have an Ipad and none if my test files or notes.

Where I am going with it - well, I want to find out exactly what it does and when. For me, it seems at present that it does something different when the Zumo itself has calculated the route, but I'm not sure that is the whole story. Also, v2.90 seemed to produce two different results following resets and restarts. I'm not sure that is the whole story either.

I shall keep working at it, and post any findings on here. Many thanks for your contribution to the thread - I still have to work through everything you posted. Much appreciated.
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Re: Zumo XT Glitches

Post by Beszot »

First, sorry for my english. I'm Polish, ZumoXT is rare a little in Poland yet .
I have the same problem, maybe my story could be little helpful.
My zumo xt in july was started to lose waypoints when track was counted for route. Long track with 3000 points (TET) or short with 100 - any have only start and end.
After month of mailing with Garmin, they replaced my zumo for new (i checked ID number).
Was working great, counting long TET track for routes without any problem, making thousand waypoints.
With new zumo i did'nt riding, I turned on him few times for play and dream about new routes :-)
Some days ago he found actualisation and I allowed him - 3 hours or something.


He lose waypoints again!!!!!!

I can belive it. I'm angry.

I need to replace again?? 5-6 times in year??? WTF????

Software - 2.90
iOverlander 21.50
GPS software 9.00.33

UPDATE 30.12.2020 - Garmin replaced ZUMO again - i have third one in my hands. Not last I suppose.
I asked they - what kind of problem it is, why ZUMO collapse again, how evade problem - any answers!!! Only another fail code - F30.
This is joke, not seroius stuff.

Don't buy it.
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