Zumo 590 & 595 Battery life & charge problems

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Re: Zumo 590 & 595 Battery life & charge problems

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Zumad wrote: 06 Dec 2022 21:24 Hopefully I've managed to attach a photo here of my disassembled 595 battery:

There is a CMU (Charge Management Unit) underneath all that wrapping.
Many thanks Zumad. That might well be the DPPM unit that is mentioned in the battery system menu.
bar2 wrote: 07 Dec 2022 08:23 U guys r very technical 😉
Well we may give that impression @bar2 , but I hadn't got a clue until I Googled DPPM. It seems to manage the charging of the battery so I guess that DPPM is the same as a CMU, but spelled a bit differently. Its only 4 letters different !

And really, if I I had aspirations of being technical, I could probably make a start by not frying the battery in the first place.

Given that info, it might be worth throwing good money after bad and buying a new battery. But I'd then have to solder that in too. Hmmm. I wonder if one of my soldered joints moved while it was cooling and has gone 'dry'.

See my update to post on 6th December - a few posts back.
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Re: Zumo 590 & 595 Battery ISSUES A REAL SOLUTION

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Outsider wrote: 23 Apr 2018 13:30 4. Re-insert the pin in to the connector housing, ensure the tab is pushed back down.
A couple of years ago I did all the pin spreading stuf. Just recently my 595 was cutting out and sometimes not turning on at all. So I had look at the plug again and found that the little tab had lifted and the negative (black cable) pin was falling/pulling out.
My fix was to reinsert it and push down the tab. I then got out my glue gun and set a strip of glue along the top of the whole plug to hold them all in place. All working reliably again.......for now!