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For any questions and tips and tricks on how to use Basecamp for PC then please post in this section.
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Re: activity profile - unpaved roads

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Peobody wrote: 12 Nov 2023 16:52 Getting back to the original question and my associated recommended solution of assigning Direct to selected segments, I just came across a similar use for this technique. In the below example I am riding north on Arlington Church Rd and then turning west on Albemarle Rd. The map says that I can not turn left there (even though I can) so it creates a route that goes right then does a u-turn. To overcome that I added a Direct route point on Arlington Church Rd followed by a waypoint at the intersection of Arlington Church Rd and Albemarle Rd. The result is that BaseCamp now includes the left in the route.
This is the kind of minutia detail I generally do not concern myself about. If I know I can turn left, I turn left. Regardless of what the zumo thinks I should do, my brain always overrides its stupidity. It'll catch up with me in a minute.
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Re: activity profile - unpaved roads

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Lots of good info in this discussion. I played along with my routes/waypoints in Basecamp. Thanks for sharing.