Where are favourites stored - bulk remove

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Re: Where are favourites stored - bulk remove

Post by Peobody »

That link contains this statement: "So when choosing 'Where To ? -> Favourites' if waypoints have been assigned to categories, then those categories are listed which effectively puts them into groups." This is what is not happening for me.

I just found this statement in the XT Owner's Manual: "NOTE: Categories appear in the saved locations menu after you have saved at least 12 locations." This could explain my problem since I only have four. More testing needed.
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Re: Where are favourites stored - bulk remove

Post by sussamb »

That's correct. I posted this information earlier in the thread.

Edit: ignore that, somehow I added it to one of your posts. Clicked on edit your post instead of reply! Now deleted it from your post as it didn't make sense there :D
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Re: Where are favourites stored - bulk remove

Post by jfheath »

There's are a couple of additional snippets that may be of relevance. If not, then ignore them.

Favourites are stored separately if a route is transferred to the SD card. In file(s) called Waypoints(n).gpx

If you sent routes to your XT by first creating a gpx file and then saving it to Internal Storage->GPX then waypoints are stored in that route file.
Similarly if you transfer routes by the Share Routes app, or you send them to your XT by (say) emailing via the drive app.

I think (but cannot be sure) that you can delete these from the XT, but can later re-import them. But you may need to have at least one waypoint stored in Internal Storage.
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