Is Garmin throttling bandwidth?

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Is Garmin throttling bandwidth?

Post by Toronto Paul »

I have 1.2Gb/s fiber-to-the-home so download speeds for pretty much anything are lighting quick .... but Garmin updates are driving me a little nuts.

I'm finding that the initial speed is pretty quick, around 65MB/s but after a few seconds it starts to throttle down, then down some more, then some more... The map update should take a minute if the speed held but it drops down to below 10MB/s and ends up taking FOREVER. Installing new maps on the computer often slows down to the point of the download timing out.

In Garmin Express under general/advanced settings I have Canada as my authentication domain. Under proxy I have 'auto' selected.

This is the only product that I have any download issues with. Is anyone else having this problem. Anyone have ideas for a fix?
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Re: Is Garmin throttling bandwidth?

Post by rbentnail »

Me too. I learned long ago to alter my computer power settings when downloading & updating. I set the screen and computer sleep time to NEVER and just let it go, usually overnight.
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Re: Is Garmin throttling bandwidth?

Post by sussamb »

Updating my maps takes about 30 minutes, has done for quite a while now though initially it was nearer an hour. Garmin claim their servers aren't throttled and I've certainly not experienced any.
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Re: Is Garmin throttling bandwidth?

Post by blacktiger »

All depends on your broadband speed. Before going fibre I used to have to leave it going overnight but now it takes about 30 minutes.