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I have a route that I made on the computer and transferred to my 660LM, while on vacation last week, on interstate in Kentucky, it would just automatically "Recalculate" and try and take me a completely different direction, did this probably 25 times, then after that, it worked fine on both interstates and back roads. Running CNNA NT 2019.1Ideas?
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Re: Recalculating

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How did you do it in the computer? What map did you plan on? If not the same Garmin map as on your device and with the same settings then it's almost certain to create issues.

Note too there was an issue with 2019.10 and the latest is 2019.11, that could also be the problem.
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Re: Recalculating

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I also have a 660 that did random recalculates. MIne would recalculate even though my unit was set to ask before recal. It didn't send me in a completely different direction as far as I could tell. It would just announce recalculating and do it. I would typically stop the route and restart it to make sure it didn't change anything down the road.

There were several posts (mine included) on the old forum about this issue. I don't remember there being a definitive answer. Some of the thoughts I remember are as follows.

-As sussamb mentioned; different map versions on your computer and your unit.
-Having a shaping point just off the road
-Loss of satellite connection
-Using BaseCamp

I know there were others, but I can't recall them. I did a lot of investigation and I think in my case it is BaseCamp. Which was unfortunate as I had grown to like BC. I still do, and still use it as well as MapSource. If I construct a route on BC, recalculate it on MS and then load it to my 660, I don't recall ever having the issue. Or if I just do the route in MS, no issue.

Keep us informed on your findings. If there is something I can do to alleviate the issue while using BC I would love to know it.
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Re: Recalculating

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My 665 did the same thing, well sort of and in Kentucky also. It worked fine in other states. The 2019.20 map update appeared to fix the problem

I believe there was a large issue with the 2019.10, hence the quick update to 2019.11 and then the 2019.20.

There was also an issue with time zones. For instance, when I crossed from Alabama to Georgia, the unit stop providing directions. The route was still there.

Since I have updated to the new 2019.20 maps (and what ever else the Garmin Express did), I have not had the issues.