Basecamp 4.7.2 and Zumo XT

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Basecamp 4.7.2 and Zumo XT

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Hello experts,

I am at still using basecamp 4.6.2 (because of google earth) and I have a Zumo XT and I have just noticed the following change notification:

Changes made from version 4.7.1 to 4.7.2:
-Fixed routing mismatch issue on Zumo XT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
-Fixed map display issue on Zumo XT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
-Re-enabling Yelp searching
-Various stability and bug fixes
-FourSquare and Parkopedia products will now be displayed in BaseCamp as pre-loaded maps on specific devices

Does anyone know what the basecamp fixes are in relation to the Zumo XT exactly? Maybe I do not need them...
I do not want to upgrade to 4.7.2 unless I absolutely have to...

Thanks for any info you can provide.

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Re: Basecamp 4.7.2 and Zumo XT

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I'd try and see it you're happy with 4.6.2 first.