First use issues

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First use issues

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I've just done my first ride after upgrading from the 590 and some of the issues I have found so far are:
1: I set a Round Trip of 100 miles, all good until I needed petrol, I found a station using the Zumo and added it to my route, once I left the petrol station I noticed it had forgotten my route and was now taking me home, this was approx 30 miles in to the 100....
2: When looking for a good Round Trip (whilst sat on the sofa at home) there is no way to save it, once the Zumo is powered off it looses the route and then creates a fresh new route when when I do it again, even if I hit 'Go'.
3: whilst riding I came across a closed road, I couldn't find anything on the XT to tell it to divert and it kept trying to take me back down the closed road, I had to manually find another way to get back onto route before it finally recalculated when I got close.
4: Whilst routing to a petrol station in a nearby town it took me to the centre of the town which was nowhere near the petrol station I had selected, I then had to ask someone where it was... insane!!

Any thoughts on these problems?
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First use issues

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For #1 :
Can you go into settings and tell it to not recalculate?

As far as spontaneous recalculations; I am now learning that I like to create a track of my routes and set the track as visible on my gps so that the route and the track are sandwiched on top of each other. That way I can make sure the route follows the same pattern as the track.
My track of the route, I make green, the route is magenta.

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Re: First use issues

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For #4 Basecamp includes in the "fuel" option, petrol stations and convenience stores, but all the Garmin GPS's I've owned lump them into one :roll: