Zumo 590/595 Vs Zumo XT

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Zumo 590/595 Vs Zumo XT

Post by Stu »

Can anyone who has got/had these units do a comparison between them to help decide whether it's worth upgrading or not?
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Re: Zumo 590/595 Vs Zumo XT

Post by Zumek »

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Re: Zumo 590/595 Vs Zumo XT

Post by fortizgarcia »

I upgraded my old 595lm for the new XT, and the answer is really easy. It's worth to update it. They play in different leagues.
It is like compare an old smartphone and a latest one. They can 2 similar tasks, but the experience is completely different. It is lightest, brightest, faster, easier to use and has more different options.

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Re: Zumo 590/595 Vs Zumo XT

Post by JohnnyRidesAlone »

I have made the switch too. Main thing is the Screen, true sunlighreadable and a world of difference
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Re: Zumo 590/595 Vs Zumo XT

Post by Hati »

I was one of the first ones in Oz to upgrade. No regrets at all.
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Re: Zumo 590/595 Vs Zumo XT

Post by ZumoPete »

The XT does not have Tyre Pressure Monitoring ...unfortunately (but I would still prefer the XT)
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Re: Zumo 590/595 Vs Zumo XT

Post by Oop North John »

Only got limited use on my XT but the impression is that it's a 590 / 595 but with a clear easily readable screen, that doesn't look washed out in sunlight. And, it's cheaper than the 595 :o
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Re: Zumo 590/595 Vs Zumo XT

Post by neilb »

The bright screen, the feel of the screen and the wireless capability made it a very worthwhile upgrade from my 595.
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Re: Zumo 590/595 Vs Zumo XT

Post by Joby »

I'll be posting a video comparison when I get through a few more miles with the Zumo XT but the short answer is it absolutely worth upgrading for the screen alone. The display is so sharp you can glean loads of information from just a tiny glance. For example if you get a safety camera alert you can easily see what type of camera it is from a quick glance at the map.

Upgrading from the 550 to 660 and 660 to 590 felt like a step forward but this is a leap. There is almost no comparison and even after a week I'd never want to go back to the 590LM. I've loved using all the devices over the years and I'm nostalgic about the 550 in particular (which when attached doubled the value of my bike at the time) but this is leagues ahead of them all.
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Re: Zumo 590/595 Vs Zumo XT

Post by Ray N. »

Another difference is that the audio out on the XT is only bluetooth or internal speaker. I think the screen is
the best I've ever seen on a GPS including my built in gps on a 2018 Gold Wing.
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