Pairing Question: XT, Sena & iPhone

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Pairing Question: XT, Sena & iPhone

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Is there a preferred pairing methodology for the XT?

I got my unit this afternoon and am playing with it now. I have it paired to both the integrated comms system on my Schuberth C4 Pro lid, which is equivalent to some kind of Sena 10S, and also to my iPhone 11 Pro.

Everything seems to work fine so far.

But - is there any logic to how to pair these things up optimally?

For example, I could pair both the phone and the Sena to the XT with the XT acting kind of as a hub between them.

Or, I could pair both the XT and the Sena to the phone with the phone acting as the hub.

Is there any difference to these scenarios? Without thinking it through properly, the second scenario would appear to mean that if I didn't have the XT with me, then the sena headset and phone would still be paired, whereas in the first scenario they would not be.

Is there any difference in functionality?