XT Broken

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XT Broken

Post by jt55 »

I am new to this Forum so bare with me.
I have a new XT and have loaded a modified Theme to it ( have done this many times before on 590's, and 595's) but on my XT once loaded when i turn it on it loads maps and goes straight to "select a locale" i select Australia and the unit pauses and then reboots.
i have no idea what i have done wrong. my PC will not even see the XT for me to be able to remove the added theme.
any ideas.
suggestion has been to back door the unit and remove the added file !!!!
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Re: XT Broken

Post by rbentnail »

Not familiar with the XT but...

My laptop has 3 usb ports. Only 2 works for comms, the other 1 will charge only. Drove me nuts for a while. Try a different port.
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Re: XT Broken

Post by mzeist »

for what it's worth, I've loaded a modified theme at my XT too and it runs just fine.
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Re: XT Broken

Post by Hati »

Yeah, same here. I used yesterday a modified theme too for a 370 km ride without any issues. The bit about not finding the XT is a worry, but the USB port change advice is good. Let us know how you go.
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Re: XT Broken

Post by cr0100 »

This doesn't make any sense to me, but I found that my XT will always reboot when connecting to the computer (either Windows or Macbook) - UNLESS I turn off Bluetooth on the XT.

Logical? No. But (sorry I saw this message so late) try turning off Bluetooth on the XT and then plugging it into the computer, you may be pleasantly surprised.
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Re: XT Broken

Post by jfheath »

I know it is an old thread - but I might as well post a possible answer.

Go into the System Diagnostic Page. View Map -> Tap Speed button -> Hold down the speedo circle for 10 seconds.

Select Configuration & Settings -> MTP Settings -> MTP Mode -> Make sure that you have MTP Auto Detect selected.

If you have USB Ethernet selected, then the system reboots when you plug it in.

(Note while doing this, you had the option to show the .System folder on the computer. Tick that if it is something that helps.
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