Upload From Mapsource

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Upload From Mapsource

Post by Knupla2 »

Though I have Basecamp, I'm far more fluent with Mapsource. I just tried to upload a route from Mapsource to the XT and it fails to connect.

Is the XT compatible with Mapsource? I'm unable to locate any information.

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Re: Upload From Mapsource

Post by sussamb »

Yes it's compatible but all newer devices are in mtp mode by default and MapSource will only work with devices in mass storage mode. I don't know about the XT but most Garmin devices can be made to open in mass storage mode as follows:

1. Start device by itself and go to Volume Screen.
2. Press the upper right hand corner of screen for 10 seconds.
3. The Developers Screen will pop up
(may see Configuration and Settings, if so select it)
4. Scroll down to MTP SETTINGS
6. Shut down the device and connect to PC
7. It should now connect in mass storage mode.

As an alternative to step 1 and 2 above, you can bring up the "trip information" screen by tapping the speed icon, then press and hold the speedometer for about 10 seconds to access the developer screen. Now go from step 3.

Caveat with this is that some features of your XT may not work with MapSource, so you'll need to accept that if it happens. I'd really recommend getting to grips with BaseCamp, this may help:

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Re: Upload From Mapsource

Post by Knupla2 »

Thanks. Think I'll just have to come to terms with BC. I'll see if I can get more comfortable with it from your link.

So far, it just seems more difficult than I think it should be.

Thanks again
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Re: Upload From Mapsource

Post by Hddeluxe »

When I enter the; “5. Change from AUTO DETECT to MASS STORAGE” I don’t see “ MASS STORAGE”,
Only “USB Ethernet” and “ USB Ethernet Single Session”?
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Re: Upload From Mapsource

Post by mzeist »

there is no MTP mode on the XT, so you cant save anything from mapsource directly to the XT. What's still possible is to save your data (file>save as) as an .gpx file an you can copy this file to the GPX folder of you XT (The XT will show up as an device in windows explorer. If you use a Mac it still possible but you need an extra tool)

You might want to look at Basecamp anyway, as Mapsource isn't fully compatible with th XT (ie: soft shapingpoints)
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