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Re: XT and LiveTrack

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I've given up on the XT and Explore Website for trying to duplicate what Live Track did on the 595. It seems that the track is only shared to the Explore website once the Zumo has saved it *** Then the drive App on the XT can relay the completed trip / track to the website - and at that point, people with the link can see it. As far as I can tell, no one can see your position update as you move.

*** The Drive App should be set up on the Zumo. Pair the phone and XT via Bluetooth.. Click the BT icon at the top of the main screen. It should show your phone in the list of connected devices and the drive logo - (like a road lopped in the shape of a letter 'd' - should both be showing.
ON your map screen tap the 3 dot menu, bottom right. Select 'Track Recorder' and tap the Start button. This is recording your track.

As far as I have been able to tell, none of this gets sent to the Explore webpage until the recorder has been stopped. Only then does the save option appear. The saved tracks appear in the track recorder app - bottom of the main screen. -- tap the marker pin icon in the top left - Any entries in that list are synchrosised every so often with the explore website by the drive app. That is my understanding anyway. If anyone has any more light to shed on this, I would be pleased to know.

I've registered my dismay with Garmin. For off roaders, the inReach satellite device provides this functionality, even when there is no network coverage for the mobile phone. For that, it is an excellent solution - to be able to be tracked when off road. But to pay those prices for a device which does not add very much for a normal road user is rather excessive. Particularly when apps like Bubbler on an android mobile phone can provide a free alternative which updates every 15 minutes. (Although you have to jump through a lot of hoops to keep the app alive ). Apple have their own solution built in.
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