Weird audio issue on 590lm

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Weird audio issue on 590lm

Post by Kevhunts »

So I fired up my 590lm, was paired with my Sena SMH5 head set and set off down the road.
I quickly realized I was not hearing any sounds or verbiage from my zumo despite the unit stating I was paired with my head set.
I check volume settings and everything else I could think of including rebooting and pairing again. I selected a stored route but, still No joy.

Suddenly, the zumo starts blurting out multiple messages and directions. There had to be 8 to 10 messages in succession and finally the most current instruction which matched with the visual display.

Has anyone experienced an issue like this?
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Re: Weird audio issue on 590lm

Post by biz »

Yep, had the same problem several times (as have a few others).