SiriusXM radio through line-in won’t work

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SiriusXM radio through line-in won’t work

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I have a SiriusXM radio with audio output and volume control connected into the Garmin Zumo 595LM on my Indian Roadmaster touring bike. The Zumo connects to the bike through an audio line in 3.5 mm Jack and a special adapter that feeds the audio source to the “NAV” feature on the bike. My problem is that it works intermittently- one ride it works for a while then nothing. I have the Media Player setting to “Line in”, and the volume set to maximum on the SiriusXM radio, but I can’t get any audio. Garmin support was no help. Any ideas?
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Re: SiriusXM radio through line-in won’t work

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Not sure I understand how yours is lashed up. I have the Sirius XM radio's audio-out line plugged into the Zumo 595 harness's audio-in jack. Media player source on the 595 is set to Line In. Media volume on the 595 is set to 100%, and I control the volume with my Cardo BT headset.

It seems to work fine with only one minor issue where some interference is introduced when outside BT events happen. But the music still works. HTH.

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