CN NA 2021.10

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CN NA 2021.10

Post by carolinarider09 »

Updated maps on my 660 and 665 to CN NA 2021.10

It was not as easy as last time. Since the space is still al little limited on the 665, I cannot load the US and Canada maps on that device. So, I can only load maps for the US on the 665.

Last time I updated the SD card on the 665 with the Canadian maps using Garmin Mapinstall. I tried it this time and could not do that.

I think I figured out why. I can load US and Canadian maps on my 660 (not using the SD Card). What I apparently have to do is to install the maps on the computer using Garmin Express but the maps have to be on the device. So, to make it work, I have to update the 660, and then load the maps on my computer. Then I can load some additional maps on the SD Card on the 665.

Maybe its obvious to those who use Basecamp but I only use it for a few things. One is this activity.