660 shuts down after boot

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660 shuts down after boot

Post by Nashcat »

My 660 has started locking up and shutting down, during boot up. It has a new battery, that’s fully charged. This started happening, not long after I updated everything, on the Garmin site.

If I pull the SD card, it will boot, just fine, and show my location on the screen. But, without the SD card, I can’t enter an address without getting a message that it can’t find any data.

I guess I need to hook it to the computer to look at the internal files, as well as the SD card files.

Any suggestions?

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Re: 660 shuts down after boot

Post by Wingstyle »

You might try reformatting your SD card. Be sure and copy everything on your SD to a temp folder on your computer before you format, so you can put it all back after the format. Danham has suggested sdcard.org formatter as a good method for reformatting rather than using standard format on your computer.

I was having lockup problems almost every time I used the unit. I deleted the maps from the card and put just the lower 48 states, which currently fits, in the internal memory. Since then I have had no problems. I believe the 660 was having problems reading map information from the card. I then reformatted my card and put my music back on it. This seemed to help load the music faster, making boot up faster. Not fast, just faster. I may be able to put the maps back on the card since the reformat, but it is working now so I'll keep it as it is.
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Re: 660 shuts down after boot

Post by carolinarider09 »

There is a post here about a "preferred" SD Card format utility. I have not tired it yet. Just more information for you.