Videos: Route Planning with Basecamp for the Zumo 590/595/396

For any questions and tips and tricks on how to use Basecamp for PC then please post in this section.
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Videos: Route Planning with Basecamp for the Zumo 590/595/396

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I have no doubt that BaseCamp is the software to use when planning routes for use with the Zumo 590/595 and 396.

I have a series of short videos on YouTube which shows how BaseCamp might be used in order to prepare a route for use with the Zumos, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls.

Video Link

From the Zumo side of things, I have just posted a document dealing with the issues, quirks and pitfalls that I encountered when I first bought my Zumo 590. That document is here:


Much of the document also relates to the 595 and the 396 - those Zumos with the Trip Planner App.
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