hidden screens in zumo 660/665

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hidden screens in zumo 660/665

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Partially from https://www.gps-forums.com/threads/garm ... nus.46595/
But just in case it goes away:

1) touch hold the gps signal bars -> satellites status
Not much to do here. Can exit without causing reboot.

2) touch hold the battery level bars -> lots of screens.
Exiting causes reboot.
You can safely cycle through the 'next' pages (touch bottom right corner, even when no buttons displayed).
Don't blame me if you start tests and brick your gps... I just wanted to start an audio test and it shutdown instantly... Not a toy.
I wish garmin would leak how we can use these.

3) touch and hold he compass -> the more known diag screens.
There is a few useful ones, like clearing the bluetooth pairings, and the digitizer "line dot" tester (which you can exit with the bottom left "B").

4) logging control
map view, touch your vehicle to the where-am-I screen.
touch the 4 corners of the left side square, like this clockwise:
bottom left, top left, top right, bottom right.
(you cannot retry if you mess up, it must be the first 4 taps upon entering the where-am-I screen.)
This is not clear what it does, but I will research.
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Re: hidden screens in zumo 660/665

Post by scylla »

thanks for that info.
On one of the screens there is a parameter called "backlight" and a % next to it, and Up/Down buttons next to that. By pressing the up or down buttons you can increase of decrease the backlight, making the screen a bit brighter.
My 665 is all but useless in bright light, haven't done real world test to see if it helps yet.

I also tried clearing thecksum and it was taking longer than I thought it should and ended the test. I saw nowhere to increase the brightness of the device and nothing to configure the UI, brightness is set at 100%

It would be very useful to have a user configurable interface, hacked or not.

Do you know of a way to change the biga$$ compass to a speedo?