Link - How to Improve 660/665 Performance

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Link - How to Improve 660/665 Performance

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I am posting this link here since it seems applicable and will provide additional exposure for the information. I have not personally verified the information but it seems rational to me. I will be looking at my 665 files later today. ... st-2165032
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Re: Link - How to Improve 660/665 Performance

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I don't agree with this article above saying that putting maps on top grade sd is still worse than a 2009 worn out internal flash.
It is non-sense. The onboard flash is certainly no better than modern one, and it is NOT internal volatile memory like the RAM.

I ran with a 8GB, 16GB and finally 32GB sd and saw no degradation when maps got on the sd.
If anything it ran faster.

The problem is still the old cpu and limited ram.

I'm still hunting down what hogs the ram, but I suspect large loaded tracks and routes and pois are to blame.
If not, then the file count could be, (it might cache the directory tree metadata...I'm not sure, but that's the only thing that really keeps creeping up as I add mp3s.) Gotta clean up and observe.