Zumo map issue Help

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Zumo map issue Help

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Hi just received my new Garmin Zumo 595LM. I've registered my new device, done the updates everything was ok so started entering some places in France where we are going in September and here's my problem.

The France section of my sat nav is not showing in depth detail?

I'm sure it came up at first as I was in the process of planning a route from Cherbourg to our hotel when the map stopped showing full detail now not sure if I did anything wrong I've used Garmin before and on my older system used to have to unlock areas but can't remember.

If I zoom into UK or other european countries they seem fine, each country has an area and if I scroll from UK to France you can see the obvious detail difference. :084:

Any ideas anybody
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Re: Zumo map issue Help

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Can you look in Settings, Map & Vehicles, myMaps ... what is listed there?