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Feel free to join up and say hello here.
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Post by SpyderRyder »

Hello everyone. Just found this board after looking for the old Zumo board. Glad to be here. I have an old Zumo 550 with a GXM30 Radio Smart Antenna. I've owned this setup before a number of years ago. As happens so often in hindsight, I should have kept it.

I'm located in South Central Iowa and my current ride is a 2010 CanAm Spyder.
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Post by Wingstyle »

Hello SpyderRyder. Welcome to the forum.
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Post by Stu »

Welcome to the forum :)
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Post by Moose »

welcome about time you got here
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Post by VA3TWT »

Glad you found us.
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Post by tojjer »

Welcome aboard
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Post by carolinarider09 »

Welcome to the board And i have same equipment. Zumo 550 with XM antenna. Still in use, albeit not on the bike but it is used daily.
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Post by electro_handyman »

Welcome from Central Iowa....
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Post by Sleuth »

Welcome, glad to have you (back)

There are a number of the old guard from the original forum here, please new guys.

Best regards
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