Phone call support

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Phone call support

Post by fink »

Hi, having just discovered this place after being on the old forum before its demise.

Last summer I started having a problem with my 590, most of the time it works fine and behaves itself. However when it starts misbehaving this is what comes up on the screen "Phone call support has been disabled. Reconnect headset or audio output".

Only happens when out on bike, It has happened on both bikes (I purchased a new cradle initially) so 3 cradles, I have ruled out the cradles.

Phone is Samsung Galaxy 7, bluetoothed to 590, I have cancelled and remade bluetooth links.

Zumo is connected to Autocom Super pro automatic with the 4066 cable.

Music is from sd card in zumo.

If you go into settings it shows headset not connected. All connections are clean.
The only way I have been able to rectify so far is to switch off and back on.

Also how a reset done?

Can anyone help?
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Re: Phone call support

Post by Oop North John »

I had three 595's replaced by Garmin due to Bluetooth disconnecting problems. The 590 I was given by them to replace seems to be misbehaving at times as well. I suspect the the problem is my Samsung A5 (2017) as the previous Samsung phone behaved without problems with a 590 and the same Bluetooth headset. I suspect that you might be having similar problems unfortunately.
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Re: Phone call support

Post by Sleuth »

I also have a problem with the Bluetooth with my 595. It will drop the connection between the SMH10, and the frequency increases when I have the phone (OnePlus 3) connected.

I had thought it was SMH10, and if I had a wired connection it would resolve itself. Obviously not.

I find this very saddening, as the Bluetooth on the 396 worked fine, even with two devices attached. However it had other issues - oh well win some lose some I guess.
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Re: Phone call support

Post by fink »

Out at the weekend same problem occurred. Rebooted only for it to happen again. At the next stop I unpaired the phone, since then touch wood everything has been behaving as it should. So as John said its an android problem as never had it when I had a Crapple

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