Auto Route Change 665

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Auto Route Change 665

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Yesterday on a 200 mile trip with only a few waypoints, and indication of a traffic issue ahead, I checked the traffic system to see what the issue was. It said it was a closed road and then asked if I wanted to avoid this problem. I elected not to at this time, figuring I'd look later to see how much of a detour this might require. Sometime later, the unit did an automatic recalculation expanding the trip from 200 miles to about double that.

I powered down the unit and then restarted it and all was well, back to normal route.

I had this issue before with the first map update in 2018 which caused routing problems on the 665. The subsequent map software did resolve this issue.

Maps are up to date but I have not installed the "time change" software. It should be noted that one of the issues I had with 2018 Maping software seemed to be do to time changes (i.e. traveling west to east and changing from Central to Eastern time). I did not cross any time zones on this 200 mile trip.

Just wanted to let people know what I experienced. I have no clue what happened or why.