Zumo 396 Lack of Voice Prompts

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Zumo 396 Lack of Voice Prompts

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Hi there all...
Just a little background on my setup: Nuvo 396, connected to it is my Scala PackTalk Headset, as well as Cat S61 Smartphone, both via Bluetooth.As I'm riding, I'm playing mp3's (stored on the 396) through the headset. :geek:

When entering a route, the 396 only says 'Please follow along highlighted route', after that, silence. Shouldn't it warn you audibly about upcoming turn-offs? And when it DOES decide to say something, the music stops and wont continue, even when you press play...repeatedly. Only when you switch the 396 off and back on again, the music will resume like normal.

The voice selection is on British English-Serena Speaks Garmin Real Directions.

Garmin South Africa is closed now until 02 January 2019...so NO help from the source. :(

Anyone had similar problems that can maybe assist?