Garmin Express / BaseCamp Maps / XT2

For help and advice on the Garmin Zumo XT2.
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Garmin Express / BaseCamp Maps / XT2

Post by technoguppy »

In case anyone else was having issues with Garmin Express and installing the new maps to BaseCamp, I have found a workaround (for me).

Problem: I updated Garmin Express to its latest Version (which seems to have landed in the last 10 days [20-Mar-2024]). I run the app As Administrator on my PC. When I updated to City Navigator North American 2024.1 or 2025.1 and tried to install it to my PC I got an error "Maps Update to PC Failed" or something like that. A big red box saying "No joy".

Solution (as best I can tell): Using File Explorer I went to the directory of where the maps are installed on the PC, in my case C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Maps. I right-click on Maps and uncheck "Read Only" and hit apply, it then asks if I want to apply changes to all sub-folders, I say Yes, OK.

Using Garmin Express (as Admin) I install the map to the PC and it was successful. I did this on my main pc and my travel laptop. Both successfully.

NOTE: Garmin Express seems to reset the READ ONLY permission on its folder "Maps" after it is done. Meaning, you may need to repeat this step if you update the map again in the future.

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Re: Garmin Express / BaseCamp Maps / XT2

Post by AugustFalcon »

Yep, just had the same big red failure box problem on both my XT & XT2. Still have my Nav V so I just used that and it worked. I like your solution much better!
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Re: Garmin Express / BaseCamp Maps / XT2

Post by sussamb »

My maps updated as normal without issues.
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Re: Garmin Express / BaseCamp Maps / XT2

Post by Sean OZ »

G'Day Technoguppy.

Just wanted to thank you for the information and your work around to get BaseCamp maps to work with the XT2!

I have only had my XT2 for about a week and I was becoming incredibly frustrated with it, when it didn't want to work with BaseCamp. I couldn't get any of the maps to work in BaseCamp (besides just a Global Map). So, I followed your advice and the XT2 and BaseCamp now work on my Windows 11 laptop!

I can now do the initial routing in Gaia GPX Maps,(Gaia seems to be easier to work with compared to BaseCamp) import the route into BaseCamp and then a few steps later, transfer the routes and tracks from BaseCamp to the XT2. I haven't had a chance to fully test it whilst mounted on the bike, but all looks good so far.

If I remember correctly this is the file path on my Windows11- PC
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\BaseCamp\Maps"

Thanks' heaps mate, for your help!
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